My Books For Sale

Here are links to my fantasy novels, my illuminated novel, novel-length prose poems, and several short story collections, some in paperback only and others in paperback and kindle. The links take you to (or for the freebies), where you will find my works.

My Paper Books and Kindle Books for Sale on
My Memoir This book follows the progress of my mental illness over several years.
My Second Memoir My symptoms continue for years and become stronger
The Mummy Train Tales of fantasy and science fiction
Vigil and More Stories Contemporary fiction short stories
The Jewel Tree and Other Stories Stories featuring Middle Eastern cultures and artifacts
Punishment Child and Other Stories Stories centering on Maya Indian peoples
Tule Time and Other Stories Here is a collection of fantasy short stories
Active Shooter and More Stories Contemporary fiction short stories
Madness and Other Stories Several stories address Middle Eastern magic
Plasma Ball and Other Stories Short stories, fantasy and devil stories
The Suspect and More Stories Contemporary short stories
Plumed Serpent and Other Stories Fantasy stories, including tales of Mayan people
Heart of the Leopard and Other Stories More speculative fiction, with Middle East tales
Alien Treaties and Other Stories Sci-fi about alien takeover, and Middle East fantasy stories
Zahid’s Tale A novel about three friends going on a quest on a magical world
A Feast for the Ghouls The same world as Zahid’s Tale, with a massive war going on
Knifing the Heart A novel about six Native American people going on a quest for a god
Pax Azteca A young American sorcerer gets in the middle of a war between Native tribes
Indian Spirits Jack Whitstone is mentally ill and must deal with evil spirits and his sickness
Weeping Woman Jack Whitstone takes on mental illness and a legendary ghost
Music Master Jack is back, fighting a vicious witch and trying to beat mental illness
Political Mommies A young mother named Isabella Sierra takes on an evil warlock
Forward Base Down Captain Sparks and his men take on genies and gods and Taliban
Athena’s Rainbow Captain Sparks fights spirits as he tries to save the goddess Athena
Will-o-the-Wisp My only children’s novel, but more like young adult
Peter This novel follows a small coven of vampires as they try to get power and wealth
In the Temples of My Fathers (illuminated) An art book about the ancient Maya people
My Free Books (e-books, on Smashwords)
The Necromancer of Peach Orchard Valley A young necromancer becomes a noble on a fantasy world.
Power A sorcerer bites off more than he can chew and needs help to survive.
Spirits of the Woods and Other Stories All these short stories, and they’re free!
My Fictional Stories