Randal Doering

Most of my books are for sale on amazon.com. If you type in my name, you can access my novels and other projects. In a gesture of helping you see if you like my storytelling style, I have placed two of my novels (The Necromancer of Peach Orchard Valley and Power) and a collection of my short stories (Spirits of the Woods and Other Stories) on Smashwords, where you can download them for free.

So far I have written about 30 books, including Indian Spirits and Forward Base Down and Knifing the Heart. My works run the gamut from fantasy novels to prose poems to short story collections. There are several series in progress and a few stand-alone novels.

As to education, I have a BA in creative writing from San Francisco State University and an MA in anthropology from Cal State Hayward. I have been writing for decades, on and off, and travel as much as I can to visit other cultures in their natural setting so that I can write about them.

I read mostly fantasy and sci-fi but also about the Native peoples of Mesoamerica, and the ancient Egyptians. I read literature from time to time. I have studied the ancient Maya people deeply and have written several fiction books about these Native Americans.

Here is a video featuring a disabled woman:

Disabled Woman Exercises