My Publications

I’ve had a number of short stories and fantasy articles published, in the token and semi-pro press and professional gaming magazines. Here, then, is a list of my industry short story and fantasy article publications for the Dungeons and Dragons game system, since industry people don’t respect self-published works:

State of the War 2000sci-fiCulture ConcreteJan 1991
Billy’s Monarchcontemporary fictionFlipsideJan 1992
The Reptile Ate Roger’s BrainhumorSF Bay GuardianJul 1992
Sandcontemporary fictionColossal GilasoloAug 1992
Butterflycontemporary fictionColossal GilasoloApr 1993
Parrot QuesthumorSingle SceneDec 1993
Strikecontemporary fictionMediphorsOct 1995
Speaker to BonesfantasyThe Leading EdgeFall 1996
Sails of Lightsci-fiThe Leading EdgeWinter 1996
Inheritancesci-fiGenre Writer’s NewsJuly 1997
First FlightfantasyDreamforgeJune 1997
  second runMay 1998
The Snakecontemporary fictionMy LegacyMay 1998
Death of a Blasphemersci-fiMonolithJuly 1998
Rowing Over the Looking GlassfantasyBaltimore ReviewDec 1998
Stephanghost storyThe Leading EdgeSpring 2000
New Waterscontemporary fictionProcessed WorldSpr 2000
Alien Treatiessci-fiStupefying StoriesMar 2014
Plumed SerpentfantasySongs of the Great CycleJune 2014
Strength of My FathershorrorNonBinary ReviewJune 2015
The SiguanabafantasyWriters of the Futurehonorable mention
Pax Aztecafantasy novelSan Diego Book Awardsfinalist 2014
The Real Thingcontemporary fictionTexans With Disabilities2015 Finalist
Vesicantfantasy adventureDungeon AdventuresIssue 16
The Pitfantasy adventureDungeon AdventuresIssue 17
Orcs Throw Spells Too!fantasy articleDragon Magazine141
Voidjammersfantasy articleDragon Magazine159
High-Tech Hijinksfantasy articleDragon Magazine114
A Case for Culturefantasy articlePolyhedron MagazineIssue 36